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Choosing the right pillow

Many factors affect the quality of your sleep every night. One of the more crucial factors is your pillow. Choosing the wrong pillow can exacerbate headaches or produce neck and shoulder tension. Taking time to determine what the best pillow is for you based on your own sleeping habits and personal needs is will help ensure that you wake up refreshed and ready for every day.

Finding Your Preferred Sleeping Position

  1. Think about your most preferred sleeping position. Some people sleep primarily on their back, some sleep primarily on their side and some prefer to sleep on their stomach. Knowing which position you tend to sleep in is important for picking the correct pillow.
  2.  Spend a few nights discovering your favorite sleeping position. Although you may already have a pretty good idea about your preferred position, it is good to take a few nights to confirm it.When you are getting ready to fall asleep, spend a few minutes on your back, on your side, and on your stomach. See which one feels the most comfortable for you. If you spend half an hour on your stomach and you have not fallen asleep, it’s probably not your preferred position. Try to be aware of the position you are in when you wake up in the morning. Write down the position you woke up in so you can compare over a few days.
  3. Choose your preferred position. Now that you have spent time thinking about and discovering your preferred sleeping position, it’s time to decide. This is an important decision, as it will help you to choose the perfect pillow for you.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, you will need a soft, fairly flat pillow. Having a soft
    pillow will allow your neck to stay more in line with your spine.
  • If you are a back sleeper, look for a medium thick pillow. You don’t want it to be
    too thick, or it will push your head too far forward. You also need a pillow with
    support on your neck if you choose a soft one.
  • Side sleepers, you will need a thicker, firmer pillow to help support the neck.
  • If you find that you are a mixed sleeper, you find many positions comfortable
    throughout the night, so you should look for a pillow that is of medium thickness
    and a bit softer so that it can be used comfortably in different positions.
These are references for the most suitable pillow for you from a technical point of view. However, the most comfortable pillow for you may differ from the recommended ones due to your personal sleeping habits and preferences.


Five (10) Years Warranty
Coolist Sleep Technology guarantees that it will, at Coolist Sleep Technology’s discretion, replace or repair purchasers’ product if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this warranty. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and does not cover: (a) normal wear and tear; (b) damage caused by abuse or failure to carefully follow provided instructions (c) normal changes in softness or resilience over time (d) stains and soilage.

This warranty covers:

  • Physical flaws in materials and workmanship present at the time of purchase, that causes the material to split or crack despite normal usage and proper handling; not due to abuse or misuse.
  • Deterioration of the cell-structure of the material that causes the product to not return to its original shape.
  • During the five (10) years of this warranty, Coolist will at its discretion, repair or replace the product, at a handling cost to the purchaser.

How to Get Service
E-mail “warranty@coolist.com” to submit your warranty claim. Please keep your receipt so that we may process your warranty request. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty shall be exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties otherwise arising by operation of law, course of dealing, custom, trade, or otherwise. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any consequential damages or losses arising from the purchase, installation and/or use of this product. Severability, if any portion of this warranty is determined to be invalid or in violation of federal, state or local laws, the rest of the warranty and exclusions shall remain in effect.

Return Policy
We accept returns within 30 days of receiving date if the product has not been damaged or stained. All shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Shipping and Delivery

We currently ship within the United States and Canada, excluding P.O boxes, DPO
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Cancellation Policy

Orders may be cancelled within 24 hours of placing an order without any fee if the order has not shipped yet. Orders cancelled after 24 hours of placing an order are subject to an additional 15% restocking fee, and any actual incurred shipping costs. To cancel an order, email us at support@coolist.com


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