How to Fall Asleep

Falling asleep seems like such an easy thing to do after a long day of work, and yet many of us lie awake staring at the ceiling, or tossing and turning at night. Sleep is a somewhat complex and yet vital part of life There are many factors that affect how quickly we fall asleep, and the quality of sleep that we get after nodding off. Here are a few sleeping tips to help you catch more zzz’s, and stay asleep throughout the night.


Create a Bedtime

Of all the sleep tips you’ll ever hear, even the ones in this article, possibly the most important tip is to stick to a consistent sleep schedule. When you go to sleep at a regular time your biological clock is more in sync and your bodily functions will run more smoothly. If you’re wondering how to fall asleep fastcreating a regular sleep schedule is the best way to do it.


No Coffee Breaks After 2pm

There are few sleep remedies that can overcome the effects of caffeine. These effects can last as much as 4-6 hours after intake. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and is considered to be the world’s most widely used psychoactive substance. Consuming high caffeine drinks like coffee, certain teas, or soft drinks before bed, might prevent you from either falling asleep or having a good quality of sleep throughout the night.


Find Sleep Support

There is no real proper way to sleep when it comes to your sleep position ( i.e side sleeper, back sleeper), but your sleep posture does make a difference. Without adequate support to your spine, starting at the head with a supportive pillow, you are prone to toss and turn at night trying to find a more comfortable position. A comfort pillow like Coolist is a great alternative to traditional head pillows, however it’s important to find one that not only offers support but is also high quality. The standard memory foam pillow out on the market today contains synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Do your homework to find your perfect pillow and look for options that offer materials that are made of organic  and hypoallergenic materials.


Exercise Regularly

A regular exercise routine has many benefits including improved overall sleep. Exercising can help you to fall asleep faster and reach a deeper sleep state for a longer duration of time. Regular physical activity causes your body to produce growth hormones, which help the body to revitalize itself. Not only will you sleep better but you’ll also feel more awake and invigorated when you wake up the next morning.


Find the Right Sleep Temperature

In general, the ideal temperature of your bedroom should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. As you begin to fall asleep your body temperature decreases. If your room is already cool it will be easier to doze off, however if the temperature in the room is much higher or lower than the ideal range, then you might be in for a restless night. The temperature in the room can also affect the quality of REM sleep – the stage of sleep with the highest brain activity.

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