Coolist®Pink S

You'll love your new rest companion, with its revolutionary patent registered nanotechnology that is cool to the touch and eco friendly. Coolist is the only pillow that combines zero heat transfer, natural bio-based eco materials, and super soft comfort that will improve the quality of your sleep. BioMate is available in several shapes & sizes.

Coolist®Pink S is the Ultimate Combination of Comfort and Eco-friendly, With Patent-registered Nanotechnology Helping You Get the Best Nights Rest.

Maximum Softness

Coolist®Pink S comes in ultra softness, perfect for deepest sleep and great support.


Coolist®Pink S is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and allergen free. Coolist Coolist®Pink S pillows offer the most earth-friendly sleep option. Sleep comfortably knowing we don't use toxic materials in our pillows.

About the Technology

Nanotechnology providing a combination of the best support, zero-heat transfer, and softness (Simulated)

Coolist Advantages

Several patent-registered combinations of size, shape, and softness for every sleeper.